Man who built the Boeing 747 is honoured

The story of the birth of the Boeing 747 aircraft is amazing. If you get a chance watch some of the videos on YouTube.

aeronautical engineer Joe Sutter, credited with leading the development of the iconic 747 jetliner, won the inaugural Flightglobal Lifetime Achievement Award

"Joe Sutter helped shrink our planet for tens of millions of ordinary travelers," said Murdo Morrison, editor of Flight International. "More than 40 years on, the Boeing 747 remains a unique and radical design – unmistakable and beautiful, but most importantly, a highly efficient people and cargo mover."

Since the revolutionary 747 entered service in 1970, more than 1,400 of the big jetliners have been delivered. Many of them still crisscross oceans, transporting millions every year. The 747-8, the latest version of the jumbo jet, is now in flight testing.

'Father of Boeing 747' Wins Lifetime Achievement Award

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