The Amazing Assho..(I Mean 'Atheist') On Teens Against Porn

I was sent a link to a video by a pretentious Atheist on YouTube. This atheist, aka The Amazing Atheist (TAA), made a 40 minute tirade against an online teenage website called Teenagers Against Pornography (TAP), dedicated to helping young people with porn addictions. It should be noted that the average age of first viewing porn- ography is 11 years old.

WikiAnswers supports this claim as do many other researchers. In fact, many young males responded with their assessment of porn and the age at which they first started watching it:

Well, I started at eleven or twelve I think, it's not bad to start so early, I think I was just curious, but I didn't do anything in reality, so that's my answer :).

Yeah, I agree, as long as you don't do anything in reality, and you aren't like, yeah. then it's not so bad :).

Phew, I'm glad that's the case, because i started when I was eleven and I thought I would end up in jail or something... imagination...

TAA, whether purposely being sarcastic or deadly serious, is reinforcing the idea that addiction to pornography isn't a problem and instead simply thumbs his nose up at the site because of its' Christian view. He then proceeds to mock the site's '100 reasons not to watch porn'.

TAP's Mission Statement is as follows:

We are teenagers and young adults who struggle or have struggled with a pornography addiction. We've been through the ups and downs of attempting to quit and relapsing.
Their Mission Statement also states:

If you are a teen and you don't want to be given spiritual advice... just say so! Feel free to put a note in your signature on the forums that says you are not a Christian. We will respect your beliefs.

We're not trying to have porn censored. We are not trying to exert our opinions concerning the harmfulness of pornography onto the law books. We are here to help teens who have already decided that porn is bad for them, but feel that they cannot stop viewing it.
Within the first 5 minutes of the video, TAA makes his first logical fallacy. He says that porn is produced by huge corporations like everything else, so why take issue with pornography when people already are slaves to the corporation. No need to be informed right TAA?

As of this post, this video was watched 14,500 times and given 4,850 positive ratings, 86 negative ratings.

I couldn't get through the first 10 minutes of it but I'll give anyone who can a free cookie.Photobucket


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Anonymous said...

Amazing Atheist is a complete and utter jerk off. I was subbed to him for like a minute and then quickly unsubed. Anyone who could make it through this video of his on porn has more tolerance for the grotesque then people watching "two girls one cup." What do you expect from someone who is into 'vore' porn though. *shudders*

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