Men's Rights Activists love men who murder women so they can admire patriarchy

Paul Elam, a highly outspoken MRA who also happens to be a raving misogynist has published a small 'essay' on how women love the kind of guy that would murder them. He bases his theory on a completely biological deterministic ideology.

Paul Elam has an account on YouTube and you'll find more of the same vile hatred of women there as well.

Why don't feminists all stop by his channel page and maybe throw around such words as socialization. Maybe he's never heard of the nature/nurture debate? Better yet, why not just visit his page and say vagina. That'll really piss him off.

Overall, I think Paul just climbed out of his primordial rock he's been hiding under for the past ten thousand years.

Link to Paul's YouTube channel page:


Video I did for Paul after he went after me personally:


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Van der Sloot analysis: Blaming the victims?

Blaming the victim is generally considered bad form.  Turning murdered Peruvian student Stephany Flores into exhibit A in an argument with feminists is unsettling at the least.  But that's the basic premise in a recent online posting on MensNewsDaily. 
Peruvian officials have security camera video of Flores following van der Sloot into his room.  They have forensic evidence.  They even have a confession in which van der Sloot reportedly says he killed Flores after she found Holloway related material on his laptop.  Van der Sloot is trying to have that confession thrown out claiming coercion and improper legal representation.  The judge in the case has rejected those claims.
But an article "Patriarchy for Dummies" on the website MensNewsDaily goes a whole lot further...blaming, if not the victims, than certainly human nature and the inherent relationship between men and women.
The article asks what do high profile murder suspects like Scott Peterson and Joran van der Sloot have in common.  According to the author " It is really simple. Men are wired to do whatever it takes to be selected by women for mating. Women are wired to select men that are dominant and aggressive, e.g. patriarchal.
It isn’t any different with Joran van der Sloot. After skating on the Holloway murder, van der Sloot became a sexual celebrity. Everywhere he went, young women in their sexual prime threw themselves at him like he was Mick Jagger.
Something about the missing body of a young girl and his fingerprints all over the case acted like Spanish Fly on these women.
The article goes on to assess Stephany Flores body language as she follows van der Sloot into his hotel room. "Note the two steps behind and head bowed like a Geisha body language. It is the age old false female submission to male authority, killer authority, in order to have access and eventual control of that power. It is the same type of power that has been making women wet and tingly since the prehistoric plains of the African savanna."
Leaving aside potential explanations ranging from she's simply tired to speculation she had been drugged,  Paul 
Elam in his MensNewsDaily article attributes it to a primeval attraction and turns the Flores case into one more skirmish with feminism.

His conclusion:  "Let‘s be real here, all feminism has done is give women a new place to kick back and take it easy while men ante up the blood, sweat and tears. And it leaves their supposedly lamented patriarchy safe and completely intact, ready to do their bidding in any way they want.
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